New Painting – “Celtic Harp”

I sold my Celtic (Irish) harp when I knew my husband was losing his job and we decided to move to Ireland. I was supposed to have a month long solo art show there, but we couldn’t extend our visas long enough to stay. I was unfortunately unable to get an earlier time slot and we were denied permission to remain. So it’s bittersweet to paint this harp, as I remember that I bought it because I thought it would give me peace to learn how to play it after Mom died, and while trying to get close to Dad’s memory (Irish roots), and feeling such hope about my new life in Ireland, that turned out to be less than six months.

I did learn to play it at a very basic beginner level. It hurt my shoulder and neck a bit to play because of the way the small harp is to be tilted toward the shoulder (I have an old injury from a car accident that flares up in certain positions). I’d like to one day get the tall version, with the hope that a different body posture would help. While it makes me feel sad to think of the loss of my beloved harp, I still include it in my new collection inspired by “Joyful Living” because if I didn’t find such joy in this beautiful instrument, I’d not mourn the loss of it.

And one day I shall have another harp and learn how to play it better. When painting this I felt a longing to have a Celtic harp again. I didn’t realize that I missed it so much. I’ll blog about it when I get one. It will be a long while yet though. Maybe next Christmas?

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