New Painting – “Alabama Landscape”

Watch me paint this art in less than 2 minutes (time lapse video)

Here we are, in mid September, and I’m relieved we got through the past few weeks without any hurricanes. This art was inspired by a place we visited in Alabama a few years ago when evacuation orders were issued for Savannah, Georgia and surrounding areas (we were in nearby Port Wentworth at that time). It was a nerve-wracking abrupt forced mini vacation, but we came back to minimal damage, and glad to get back to our lives. We made family memories while waiting for the storm to pass and that’s what endures.

As often happens, this art can be taken at face value or on a deeper spiritual value. During the storms of life, we can keep our hearts and minds in a dangerous place, or we can seek higher ground and wait (upon the Lord) for the storm to pass. Whatever hardship you may be going through, I wish you peace, courage, and the stamina to have faith even when struggling through grief or fear. We can’t control when a storm will come upon us, but we may be amazed at where we could end up. Instead of facing darkness from power outages, howling winds, and flood-inducing rains, we stood under sunny skies on top of a mountainous land, gazing at quiet beauty. That’s how I imagine spiritual peace looks.

God bless you and keep you, this day and always.

New Painting Finished!

If you’ve been following the progress of my new oil painting “Walking in Rain Puddle”, you’ll be happy to know that it is now finished and you can see the whole thing in the 2 minute time lapse video (above). The beautiful song in the video is called “Where Can I Turn for Peace”. When I have a free moment, I’d like to sing that for you with my oldest daughter- the little girl in the painting who is now all grown up. My painting was inspired by a warm day when the road in front of our house flooded and she enjoyed walking in the puddle.

Oil painting “Walking in a Puddle” by artist Natalie Buske Thomas

It’s making me a little teary-eyed to see my girl in this painting, as I’ve captured her body language and the familiar way that her favorite dress hung, her hair when it was loose and free, her dainty legs, arms, and posture. It brings back that day, and I miss when she was that age. But I wouldn’t trade who is she is now for the past. I’d miss my adult daughter much more! I cherish who she is. Hold your family close. Every day is fleeting and precious. God bless you and yours.

Back to Work! Session 3

Well, it’s time to get back to work on the new painting in progress. Normally I wait until the painting is finished before sharing, but sometimes I share each session at a time so that you can see the progress (in the time lapse video above). If you missed Session 1 and 2, those are already on the blog. Here’s Session 3 that I did today. I took several days off to work on other things and to enjoy family time. I hope everyone is doing well and your September is a blessed one!

Session 3’s work on oil painting (my daughter when she was little and the road outside our house had minor flooding) “Walking in a Puddle” – I’ll wrap this up soon, one or two more sessions. I may finish it tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes.

Today’s Painting

LOL! It looks like my daughter (girl in the painting) is afraid of my fan brush in this still photo I lifted from the video!

This is what I did today (2 minute time lapse video at top of the page), session 2 of the new painting in progress. I posted session 1 earlier on the blog, if you missed it: Session 1 of “Walking in a Rain Puddle”. I’ll explain a bit more about how I’m doing this project, and how I typically work in general.

Session 1: I did what I call “blocking”. That’s when I paint all the basic shapes in large blocks of color. I usually cover the entire canvas during the first session, and this means my painting is planned- all mapped out. I often start with the main subject of the painting, which is usually near the center (this breaks art school rules, but it’s what I like), and then work around it, since the main feature is what I most want to make sure fits on the canvas without running out of space, painting too small, etc.

Session 2: I added the next layer, which allows me to shape things up. This is really important when creating a likeness of an animal or a person that you’d want the viewer to be able to identify. In this painting, since my daughter’s face doesn’t show, it’s all about her body language and even the slightest departure from the angles and shapes can throw things off. I was pleased that my family (I didn’t tell them what I was painting) recognized this is my firstborn daughter when she was little, from yesterday’s session when there was only blocking (few details). That means I got her unique posture, shape of hair as it fell forward, body language, etc. close enough to be recognizable to people who know this person. But after today, it’s now very obvious who it is because there are details that give it away completely as I fine-tuned the shapes and her clothing. At this point they’d know it from the appearance of her dress alone (since this was a favorite dress and they’d remember it), which is somewhat cheating, so I’m happy that they knew her from the first day, before there were “giveaway” details.

Session 3 (and possibly 4 or 5; some paintings have many more): Bringing the painting to a close means adding a detail layer(s) with more highlights, shadows, and crisp fine lines, dots, dashes, fan brush, texture. I try to move through my projects quickly, especially when falling behind the painting count for the year, but if a painting deserves more time, I will add multiple finishing detail sessions until it reaches a level that I’m ok with stopping. Some artists struggle with knowing when to stop, and I was like that too until I developed a formula that helps me decide. If I’m meant to crank the painting out quickly, I give myself a 3-session limit. If I can, I finish it in 2, but it usually takes three, given the way that I paint, as I’ve outlined above. With oil paintings it’s often necessary to let the layers rest between sessions. If I see the project as something special that may become a signature painting (one of the pieces that I become best known for), or if I’m working on a painting for a show (live or taped event), then I’ll spent weeks or months on the painting, especially if the canvas is large. Generally if I have a big project in the works I will do it on my freestanding easel and also work on a smaller project on my regular art desk/table. I don’t take weeks off from my regular work, so when there’s something big to do I have two or more projects going on at once. The point is, I plan ahead of time if I’m going to let myself spend more than 3 sessions and what my hard deadline is. That helps me let go of it rather than just paint endlessly and fret over it until I finally decide it’s done, or never finish it at all. “Finish” is not about when it’s perfect, but when it’s hit the project goals that I’ve determined before I start. Because painting is my vocation, I keep a balance between quality and productivity. It means I have to accept that I won’t always like what I’ve done and I may have to simply move on to stay on track, always growing, and hoping the next project will be a masterpiece. We don’t all have the same tastes. Some of the paintings I’ve done that I truly hate and see as unfinished are favorites by others, which is why I share all of my projects instead of only the ones I like, feel proud of, and see as (mostly) finished. There’s always something more that could be added, tweaked, or built up, but life itself is like that too. WE are “unfinished”, and we are happiest when we accept ourselves as we are right now, yet work to the best of our abilities (according to our individual talents and purpose), knowing that with more time we may become the masterpiece God created us to be.

By the way, if you enjoyed this little chat about the way that I work, I offer free painting lessons on this website. There’s no registration, ads, or obligation to donate/tip- I won’t even know you’re taking my online class unless you tell me. The class is archived now (no active discussion board), and you can take it at your own pace, feel free to ignore the suggestion to do this class weekly. All ages and skill levels welcome, but geared toward adults. Even if you are a professional oil painter, you might like seeing my crazy ways of doing things. Also, if you are a teacher, please feel free to use this for your classroom. Note: Preview the class first and tailor it to your needs. Much of my discussion wouldn’t hold the attention of young students, so you’d probably just want to summarize in your own words and show parts of the videos, or just the short time lapse ones. The first couple of projects would be fine for younger students, and perhaps all of them could work with some modifications. I’d suggest acrylics or watercolors for the younger ones. The oil-specific tips are easy to ignore.

Stay tuned for more sessions of this painting. Have a great weekend everyone!

New Painting in Progress

I don’t often show my paintings until they are done, but I thought you’d like to know what I’m working on since there’s been a long break between projects. This one is called “Walking in Rain Puddle” and is inspired by a warm rainy day when our road lightly flooded and my oldest daughter (a little girl at the time), enjoyed walking in the puddle. The time lapse video of the session is posted above this paragraph (you might need to click on the blog post if you are reading this in your email and don’t see a video link). Check back to see more progress on this painting. I’m expecting to spend 2-4 more sessions before calling it finished. I’ll likely be busy over the next couple of days, but surely by the end of next week this painting will be done.

I hope everyone is doing well. This summer has been a blur for me, as we continue to adjust to our unexpected move (needing to move at least a year before we planned), and my husband started his new job this past week. We also found a church home and my daughter and I have joined the choir. That’s been a wonderful experience! I look forward to singing with them regularly, and especially during the Christmas program that we’re already working on.

These life changes (the move, looking for a new church, my husband starting over after losing his job several years ago) are things I’ve blogged about in the past and I thought I should give you an update. We are settling in and my anger about life not going as planned is mellowing. Usually I roll with the punches easier than this. We’ve moved so many times and I have the process down to a science. The depth of my reaction to change took me by surprise, so it’s with great relief that I feel more myself again. I even had a normal kind of day, as if I’ve lived here for years. And since we intend this to be our forever home, one day I will have lived here for many years. It seems our hearts know a glimpse of the future and recognize home when we find it.

It was good to feel ordinary today, not chaotic. I worked on some landscaping and gardening projects, as well as starting the new painting session, making a casserole for the kids, and managing household/family stuff. I was practicing choir songs while painting, cooking while talking to the kids, and so on. I’m sure you have days like this too- the good kind of busy when we feel productive and happy with how life feels. When we have a day like this, just an ordinary day that is going well, let’s grab hold of it. We all know that the other kind of day could be tomorrow, or may have been how we’ve spent many yesterdays- the kind of day that is too slow, too fast, too stressful, or too painful. When an average day comes along, it’s a good day!

May you enjoy this last bit of August as summer slips away. I hope to be there for you more, sharing my paintings. I know that some of you feel encouraged by my art and I’m sorry for being so absent this summer. I plan to make up for lost time as I can. Stay strong and enjoy the change of seasons. May God bless and keep you, may His face shine upon you and give you peace.

New Painting – “Lion in Storm”

Watch oil painting “Lion in Storm” come alive in under 1 minute (in the time lapse video above). This is an angry time. Many of you are furious about personal hardships and struggles that are unfair, unjust, and not yet getting any better. Many are enraged by world events. Whatever your source of anger (and/or sorrow), may you feel understood, embraced, and loved by God. Stay strong. Keep a hopeful heart and never stop fighting for a better tomorrow. God bless you and your family.

Oil painting “Lion in Storm” by artist Natalie Buske Thomas

New month, new direction!

Did you click on the image above? I’ve painted enough art now to re-design this website and sort by categories! This will be more fun for all of us, and it means a shift in my career as well. I will explain that in a couple of minutes. First, more about the categories: As I finish each year’s collection of 50 new paintings, I can add them to each category. So far I’m planning on 4 categories, but I may have to add a 5th one if there are paintings left over that don’t fit into the four. Here’s another category:

I’m working on the others and will have those done soon. The links to these categories are on the main page of this site and I’ll add them as menu items too. I’ve been working for years toward this goal of having enough art to re-design my site, clarify my vision and go in a new direction. I’m excited and proud to say that I’ve done it!

Now that my work is focused and my brand is clear, I can now step things up beyond the virtual space and into the face-to-face world of physical human experiences after a long absence. I plan to schedule in-person live events for 2023 or possibly sooner, depending on if opportunity knocks. I believe I’m being pushed to open that door. It is time.

My wish for you is that whatever you are working toward, that you feel the finish line close at hand. It’s a brand new month and full of possibilities! Stay strong. Never give up. God bless you and your family.

Recent blog posts

New Painting – “Coffee Outside”

See my new painting “Coffee Outside” come alive in less than 2 minutes (time lapse video). This art is for the 2022 collection “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Seasons (of Life and Nature)“. It’s inspired by the coffee chats I have with my daughter. One day we’ll have an outdoor bistro set like this. The thought of enjoying coffee outside with my favorite people keeps me motivated to tame the yard that was neglected and somewhat hoarded up when we moved in a couple of months ago. I’m still finding bits of trash, glass, and oddities coming to the surface after a heavy rain. Why do people destroy their own homes? Well, I’m going to make the place beautiful. It will take years, but I know I can do it.

I’ll talk about this in more detail some other time. It’s been interesting to discover the strange piles and isolated items that we’ve found and had to dispose of. “Interesting” isn’t really what we’d hoped for, but when I imagine a future garden the way I know it can be, surrounded by trees and flowers, it helps me get through the unpleasant work and handling the debris.

May this be a metaphor for life in general. We may not like the neglected and destroyed political, social, or spiritual environment we’ve inherited from others- who made choices we have to clean up after- but with resilience, persistence, patience, faith, and hard work we can make our world a better place. Our garden can be a beautiful one, where we enjoy living with our loved ones in peace.

New Painting – “Frog in Garden”

Watch this frog painting come alive in just over 1 minute (time lapse video)

This project was inspired by my tree frog friend who would hang out in my garden planters, watching me and seemingly smiling (do frogs really smile or just look like they do?). He’d scare me the first time he’d pop up unexpectedly, but after he enjoyed hearing me scream in fright over such a tiny little thing, he’d stick around all casual like, leaning over the edge of the planter watching me work. I grew to expect him to be there, my little froggy friend.

“Frog in Garden” is part of the 2022 collection called “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Seasons (of Life and Nature)“. I’ll be adding this frog to my new store soon. Another painting done toward my lifetime goal of 1,000 finished oil paintings!

Hymn for Cardinal Painting

As promised, I’ve put together a singing video with the lyrics for the instrumental hymn that was in yesterday’s painting video. Maybe you already know this one? It’s a popular old hymn that many people love.

If you missed yesterday’s new painting, it is called “Cardinal in July”.

I have added this art to my new store. If you order anything, would you please consider taking a picture of what you buy and letting me know if you like how it turned out? Eventually I’d like to own all of these products so that I have a sample of everything and know what things look like, but that would be too expensive to do all at once. It’s amazing to see my art on things we can use for our homes, gifts, clothes, jewelry – just about anything! It makes me feel that my paintings can have more life to them after the videos fade from memory and are forgotten. I hope this adventure works out! If it does, I’ll add a lot more paintings to the store. If there are any favorites in particular you want me to add first, feel free to let me know.

Happy Saturday everyone!