New Painting

See this oil painting come alive in about 1 minute (time lapse video). Note: if you read my blog via e-mail, my videos probably won’t show up unless you click on the link to this blog post and play the video directly on my site.

My latest painting “Yellow Rosebud” is a companion piece to the open, fully bloomed, flower art “Yellow Rose” (inspired by the same rose bush outside my window). These paintings will be included in the 2022 collection “25 Oil Paintings Inspired by Seasons (of life and nature)” for the section called Spring and Summer. Previous collections in the “Inspired by” series:

Savannah, GA (2019) 50

Christian Faith (2020) 50

Nature (2021) 50

Seasons (2022) 25

(Some paintings are not included in the “inspired” series)

The unexpected move put me behind schedule, when I was previously ahead of schedule. *this is why the new book will not have 50 works as I’ve done in previous years*

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