Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Watch my Irish art oil paintings come to life in 2 minutes or less (time lapse videos), or watch my full St. Patrick’s Day show with live painting and surprises. Three of these paintings were inspired by living in Ireland, and one of them was painted while I was there. Click the images to see more.

Photos while living in Ireland:

I was thrilled to finally stand at the Celtic sea coast in Ireland. I had amazing boots that allowed me the freedom to enjoy the coast regardless of rain and tide. I use those boots now for heavy landscaping and gardening jobs.

And there I am, standing under what was a double rainbow in Ireland. The second bow was too faint when this picture was taken. I have another picture that shows both, but I’m not in it, so you’ll just have to imagine the second bow for this. 🙂

Husband on left, firstborn daughter, son in middle, me, youngest daughter on right. That was our last big day out before we had to leave. It was heartbreaking to go before my art show and my son had a scholarship to University Cork that he left behind, but we couldn’t get permission to remain beyond our visa, which had already been extended.

Long story, but we returned to the States without doing what we came to do, but we got an adventure that changed us forever. We came back as different people, and prepared for more changes yet to come. Sometimes in life, the biggest journey we take is just the beginning. Happy St. Patrick’s Day – may love, strength, peace, hope, and blessings be yours today and always!

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