New Painting – “Coffee Outside”

See my new painting “Coffee Outside” come alive in less than 2 minutes (time lapse video). This art is for the 2022 collection “25 Oil Paintings Inspired by Seasons (of Life and Nature)“. It’s inspired by the coffee chats I have with my daughter. One day we’ll have an outdoor bistro set like this. The thought of enjoying coffee outside with my favorite people keeps me motivated to tame the yard that was neglected and somewhat hoarded up when we moved in a couple of months ago. I’m still finding bits of trash, glass, and oddities coming to the surface after a heavy rain. Why do people destroy their own homes? Well, I’m going to make the place beautiful. It will take years, but I know I can do it.

I’ll talk about this in more detail some other time. It’s been interesting to discover the strange piles and isolated items that we’ve found and had to dispose of. “Interesting” isn’t really what we’d hoped for, but when I imagine a future garden the way I know it can be, surrounded by trees and flowers, it helps me get through the unpleasant work and handling the debris.

May this be a metaphor for life in general. We may not like the neglected and destroyed political, social, or spiritual environment we’ve inherited from others- who made choices we have to clean up after- but with resilience, persistence, patience, faith, and hard work we can make our world a better place. Our garden can be a beautiful one, where we enjoy living with our loved ones in peace.

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