New Painting – “Mountain Dulcimer”

My first oil painting of 2023 is done! “Mountain Dulcimer” kicks off the new collection called Joyful Living, for the category of MUSIC. This year, my focus is on things that make me happy, and are universal to human happiness in general. Even if you aren’t fond of the dulcimer, or don’t even know what it is, you probably enjoy music in general. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t.

I have many stories to tell you about the mountain dulcimer, but for now I’ll just share my new painting. The music for the video is me playing my dulcimer. I only dabble, so don’t expect big things. Playing instruments is joyful though, and the dulcimer is one of several that I play.

I hope watching my short painting videos lifts your spirits. The first of many paintings for Joyful Living is now done. Don’t forget to subscribe to be notified of new posts. That’s where I first announce a new painting and all other notices about shows and events.

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