New Painting – “Tap Shoes”

Here’s the second oil painting in my new 2023 collection “Inspired by Joyful Living”. For most of my life I’ve been a dancer (student, teacher, choreographer, and in recent years online classes/shows- although not very often as painting takes much of my time). My main genre is tap dancing. Those tap sounds you hear in the music are mine – I’ll share the video part of the clip in a future blog post.

Some people fear that dancing leads to socially dysfunctional behaviors, but in every culture, dance is an expression of pure joy that is often completely innocent of any wrongdoing, as you can easily see when watching how a baby responds to music. Even plants and animals respond positively to music. So, while we may agree or disagree about whether dance is appropriate or “which” types are appropriate, I hope that no one takes offense at the concept that physical energy in response to music may express joy.

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