New Painting – “Piano Portrait”

Just finished the next project in the new 2023 collection “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Joyful Living”, for the first section called MUSIC. These are quick projects to kick things off. “Painting Portrait” (in the video above) was done all in one session, about an hour or so. As the collection progresses, the paintings will become more profound, more challenging, bigger in size (larger canvases), more detailed and will take more time and energy. So, we’re building up as we go this time around.

That’s an imagined self-portrait, if you’ve not already guessed. I imagined myself playing at an old piano we once had. These stories behind the paintings will be a blog series later on, but for now I’m focusing on cranking out as many of these short projects as I can to make room for the more intense paintings that will come later. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy the 2023 painting journey with me.

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