Are you this bear?

Watch this bear oil painting come to life in 2 minutes (time lapse)

Are you feeling like this bear today? Maybe it’s a case of the Mondays, the last Monday of October- a day that was dreary here in the deep South in the United States of America. It started off dark and rainy, and then stayed overcast and humid the remainder of the day. But, I don’t think weather is the only issue. It seems no matter where we live, we were in a collective funk today, if the vibe I picked up on is accurate. Could it be because we are weary of wrongs not being righted?

This bear is fiercely independent. He relies on no one but himself and God’s natural bounty for his needs. He is neither a victim or a slave. When we’ve had enough of the powerful few, wouldn’t it be liberating if we could escape into the wild, and dive into the waters to grab a meal when we’re hungry? Rugged, aggressive, and well fed – there are days when we feel bearish. And after we’ve had our fill, it would be good to hibernate. A long winter’s nap in a warm furry coat sounds good, doesn’t it?

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