Bearing Up

See this oil painting of a bear come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

The PODS container was dropped off today. I spent hours packing the first round of our household, mostly by myself. I felt victorious, like this bear. I’m STRONG! And now, I’m already sore, LOL! Got a lot done and tomorrow I will have help, which is good because I’ve probably done myself in. Moving heavy things feels amazing during fleeting moments of high adrenaline, but what goes up must come down eventually. I’m crashing- going to bed. Good night, dear friends!

Are you this bear?

Watch this bear oil painting come to life in 2 minutes (time lapse)

Are you feeling like this bear today? Maybe it’s a case of the Mondays, the last Monday of October- a day that was dreary here in the deep South in the United States of America. It started off dark and rainy, and then stayed overcast and humid the remainder of the day. But, I don’t think weather is the only issue. It seems no matter where we live, we were in a collective funk today, if the vibe I picked up on is accurate. Could it be because we are weary of wrongs not being righted?

This bear is fiercely independent. He relies on no one but himself and God’s natural bounty for his needs. He is neither a victim or a slave. When we’ve had enough of the powerful few, wouldn’t it be liberating if we could escape into the wild, and dive into the waters to grab a meal when we’re hungry? Rugged, aggressive, and well fed – there are days when we feel bearish. And after we’ve had our fill, it would be good to hibernate. A long winter’s nap in a warm furry coat sounds good, doesn’t it?

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Fish for Life

Watch me paint this bear catching a salmon (time lapse)

This is a recent painting that I shared last month. It’s said that if we give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if we teach a man to fish, he eats for life. There’s a third option: a man who doesn’t wait to be given what he needs, or shown how. He doesn’t stagnate, wallow in ignorance, hesitate or follow. He’s like this bear. He sees what he wants and dives in to grab it with his bare teeth!

When we depend on others for nourishment, we submit ourselves to a weak position that is vulnerable to abuse, poverty, enslavement and victimhood. When we’re independent, self sufficient, ingenious and brave, we are in a strong position that frees us. “Nourishment” is literally food for our bodies, but is also a metaphor: “food for thought” or “food for the soul”. When we feed mind, body, and spirit in balance we are like this wild bear- healthy, active, and free.

Fish for Life

  1. Feed your body with good nutrition.
  2. Educate your mind about everything that impacts you, anything that interests you, and never stop learning how to do things, live better, and enjoy life more.
  3. Look for answers to your spiritual questions, act in faith even when you’re uncertain, pray even when you’re cynical, and believe in the impossible.

The rights of humanity should be as great, or greater, than the rights of wild animals, don’t you agree? We too should be free to nourish our bodies with fresh healthy foods, free to roam beyond our cages, and free to live our lives independently, without restriction. A wild bear lives as if he knows he is free.

A wild bear doesn’t wait for others to give him permission to live a full, healthy, active life. He doesn’t hesitate. He sees what he wants and grabs it for himself.

Be a wild bear. Know that you are free!

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