Natalie singing “How Great Thou Art”

People have been very quiet this weekend. I hope it’s because you’ve all been living your lives and not because you’re feeling too discouraged to connect. Today feels like a good time to re-share “How Great Thou Art”. This song comforts me when I’m down. Maybe it will lift your spirits too?

Tomorrow begins a new work week. I’d like to finish a painting I started last week and I’d also planned on beginning the taping of my new show, but there’s an inspection I have to prepare for. It wouldn’t be a good time to make a new mess, especially since the green screen hangs from the ceiling and is rather unsightly vinyl. I’m frustrated by the many delays I’ve had in starting the show, but I trust that the right timing will happen and it will all fall into place.

Whatever your plans are for the week ahead, may you feel productive, optimistic and confident that the future is better than the present and your plans will succeed. If you have anything you’re anxious about- like an inspection or something worse- let it all work out to a good outcome. God bless and keep you, may His face shine upon you and give you peace.

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