The Miracle Dulcimer

The Miracle Dulcimer, how to play the dulcimer instantly without learning sheet music
The Miracle Dulcimer, how to play the dulcimer instantly without learning sheet music

The Miracle Dulcimer: 27 Easy-to-play Songs for the Mountain Dulcimer & So Much More!

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Description: “The Miracle Dulcimer” describes the instant-play method, how to get started with the dulcimer, tips on how to start a group for regularly playing music, personal stories, and a collection of 27 songs. The Miracle Dulcimer’s 27 easy-play songs and instant-play method is ideal for individuals and groups who wish to play music but lack the skill or desire to learn.

Natalie Buske Thomas, author of the Serena Wilcox Mysteries, created The Miracle Dulcimer Method when her mother was terminally ill, to enable her mother to instantly play music, without ever having played an instrument before and without any knowledge of how to read sheet music.

The Miracle Dulcimer Method is a good option for anyone who wishes to play a real musical instrument (a mountain dulcimer, relatively inexpensive and can even be built from a kit) but lacks the ability or the desire to learn an instrument.

This method is a wonderful solution for people with disabilities, special needs, and anyone who would benefit from music therapy.

The instant-play method is also a great fit for playing music in groups, such as in church or community centers — non musicians and children can play right away — an excellent choice for fellowship and social events for people from all walks of life, mixed ages, and skill levels beginning with “never played an instrument before”.

Whether you are looking for a new option for a community group, seeking music therapy for yourself or a loved one, or you simply want to play music without the hassle of learning how, this book is for you!

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