LOL, Irishness

Watch this powdered sugar peach cookies oil painting come to life in 1 minute (time lapse)

Today I tried a new recipe (not the peach cookies in my painting video). These also had powdered sugar on them, but I screwed that part up. This is a recipe I found for Irish shortbread and true to Irish form, it was a bit unusual. This is probably the least efficient way I’ve ever seen cookies made! It took over two hours of baking time, and since I expected them to be done sooner, I added the finishing touch of a “dusting” of powdered sugar to them too soon. I put it on, and realized that the cookies were still raw. So I popped them back in the oven. Now they look like they have some sort of streusel topping because the powdered sugar was baked in.

I’m greatly amused by this experiment that used only 4 ingredients, one of them being an entire cup of butter! Well, I’ll let you know how these turned out. They are almost cool enough to try after many hours of anticipation. Have a wonderful evening, everyone! Tomorrow is a family birthday celebration but I’ll still turn up for a brief blog post. God bless you and keep you, this day and always.

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