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The Oil Paintings Inspired By series is a set of art collections: Savannah, Georgia 2019, Christian Faith 2020, Nature 2021 and Seasons 2022. The 2023 collection is in progress. Paintings are published free on this site as time-lapse videos, variety live-painting shows, and also as prints, fashion, product and books. Natalie’s lifetime goal is 1k finished oil paintings!

Visit Natalie’s author page on Amazon. Her books are found on most other platforms as well, so if you prefer other sellers please check your favorite stores first. You may also order limited signed copies directly from the author, just ask for what you want and Natalie will respond with a reasonable price quote. She does not charge a fee for a personalized autograph.

Free digital books are also available:

  • Grandpa Smiles” is FREE on Google Play and other sellers.
  • “Angels Mark” (mystery/thriller for adult readers) is FREE on all platforms. If you find an e-book seller that is charging you, do not buy it! The digital version of book 1 of the Serena dozen is always FREE.
  • Other books are free as well (possibly only temporarily), and some are offered in digital form occasionally here on this site.
  • If finances are a hardship, please seek free books before committing to paying for them. Do a search at all of your favorite downloading sites. Most platforms carry Natalie’s books.

Book signing event with daughter Cassandra

Guest speaker at Journey House, a university organization that arranges inspirational talks for college students

Moon Palace books in Minneapolis, Minnesota (signing table in above image, standing outside the building’s iconic mural in image below)

Gallery exhibit, displayed painting “We are the Angels that He Sends” featured in book “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by my Christian Faith