25 Oil Paintings Inspired by Seasons

Oil painting “Generational Tree” by artist Natalie Buske Thomas


The 2022 collection is now finished. Paintings in this collection celebrate seasons of life as well as seasons of nature. Previous finished collections in the “Inspired” series: Nature (2021), Christian Faith (2020), and Savannah, Georgia (2019). The previous collections contain 50 oil paintings, the 2022 collection is reduced to 25, due to the unexpected move and major life changes for Natalie in May of 2022. Work on the 2023 collection has begun. The number of paintings planned for that collection is to be determined.

List of Oil Paintings in “Seasons”, linking to their pages here on this site:

  1. Spring and Summer
    1.1  “Frog in Garden
    1.2 “Yellow Rosebud
    1.3 “Yellow Rose
    1.4  “Easter Lily
    1.5  “Jesus at Calvary
    1.6 “Walking in Rain Puddle
    1.7 “Alabama Landscape
    1.8 “Cardinal in July
  2. Autumn and Winter
    2.1 “Autumn Leaves
    2.2 “Pumpkin Carving
    2.3 “Pumpkin Latte
    2.4 “Apple Orchard
    2.5 “Campfire
    2.6 “Thanksgiving Turkey and Pumpkins
    2.7 “Thanksgiving
    2.8 “Walking to Piano Lessons
    2.9 “The Christmas Dance
    2.10 “Nativity Scene
    2.11  “Christmas Tree
  3. Seasons of Life *meaning of these to be explained in book and blog
    6.7 “Coffee Outside
    6.8 “Lighthouse
    6.9 “Lion in Storm
    4.6 “Osprey
    4.7 “Chickadees in Holly
    4.8 “Generational Tree

Natalie’s lifetime goal is 1k finished oil paintings. Join her on her journey by following her blog.

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