“50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Savannah, Georgia”

More than a book, an experience! Watch Natalie paint all 50 paintings through time-lapse videos choreographed to music (in the menu on the right). Cut and remove gift copies of her art included at the end of the book – frame what you like, make crafts (see suggestions in product video below), and gift your favorites to friends and family (don’t worry, all 50 works are in the front of the book, you’d only be removing a second copy of the 13 top paintings). Be a part of the journey by experiencing Natalie’s art in your own way, a personal reflection shared with those you love. *fashion clothing and gallery prints from this collection also available (not included in the book)

“50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Savannah, Georgia” book + FREE SHIPPING

150 page beautiful art book with high quality pages and special gift supplement (13 extra copies for personal use to frame, make crafts, give away). All images have related videos to watch Natalie paint the art, available on this website.


Product Video “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Savannah, Georgia” Book
See video for ideas for using the free prints included in the back of the book, to frame or apply to crafts.

More information about the 13 free prints included in the book:

  1. Cut the picture you want from the back of the book
  2. It’s yours!

An example of framing a print is shown in the product video (the Lighthouse painting)

You may also choose to put the prints on craft projects. The examples shown in the product video include three unfinished wooden gift items purchased inexpensively at a craft store: a photo frame with heart shaped cut out to insert a family photo (American Flag painting), a small box (Painting Bunting bird painting), and a mini treasure trinket box (Lion and the Lamb painting). You of course can choose any of the prints, and any gift item you wish (gift items not included). All you need is the print and a fixative like Mod Podge (brush on, follow product instructions). Cut the print to fit the item, glue it on. Some may choose to seal it with a spray (I did not do that). Make the art your own. From Natalie: I’d love to see the creative projects you come up with, so if you are willing to share, please send your photos to me.

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