Painting Shows

Do you find it relaxing to watch artists paint? Grab a cup of coffee and settle in! The shows posted here are of Natalie painting in real time. If you prefer to watch her paint in fast, 2-minute time-lapse painting videos, this site has about 100 of them! Browse through the site menu. Or, if you want to paint along with Natalie, check out her FREE classes to prepare your paints before watching each show.

Episode 1: “Sunflower” – September 14, 2020

“Sunflower” – Watch as a show, or take as a class. Free Painting lessons here.
Finishing the Sunflower painting – Sorry I sound like I have a cold (seasonal allergies!) – watch the 2 min time lapse below
2 Minute Time-Lapse video “Sunflower” oil painting from start to finish

Episode 2: “Bird of Light” – September 28, 2020

Watch as a show, or take the free art class here.
AMAZING spiritual update to painting “Bird of Light” – what happened to the painting the next morning!
2 minute Time-Lapse version of oil painting “Bird of Light”, from start to finish

More shows coming soon! Until then, feel free to browse 100+ paintings and time lapse videos on this site. Visit Natalie’s forum to chat about art or just to say hi.