Wish me Luck!

See this clover oil painting come to life in under 1 minute (time lapse)

Yes, these are just weeds, but when I saw the dainty sprig of clover and its pretty delicate yellow flower, I thought of shamrocks and Ireland, and I was inspired to paint them. Were any of those greens a four leaf lucky clover? No, but that’s what I need for tomorrow. We are looking at a house to rent- finally made a connection before someone else snatched it up ahead of us! I hope it holds up in person and it’s not yanked out from under us at the last minute.

So please wish me luck, and say a prayer. We need to find housing fast. Our May deadline will come up quickly- many of the houses are looking for June tenants, and even into August. We’d have to stay in a hotel or a campsite if we can’t find something with a faster move-in date.

I’m feeling lucky. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

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