Watch me paint “God’s Promise” in 2 minutes (time lapse)

This project was for the book “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Savannah, Georgia“. It was a scene I saw one day across the lagoon that I can see from my patio. The painting style is rather primitive. I was dabbling and experimenting with interacting with the oils with my fingers and also by lifting some away with a paper towel. The effect I wanted was to subdue the colors, but it didn’t hit that mark as well as I’d hoped. That’s ok, I figured. The project goal was reached, which was simply to tell the story about the double rainbows.

However, I regretted sharing this one on a platform where a troll instantly grabbed hold of it and commented something along the lines of that this art sucked and looked like it had been done by a child. Well, of course I know who I am, and what my credentials are (accepted for a 14 month traveling tour for my first oil painting, thereafter in gallery showings and landed a solo gallery exhibit in Ireland- that I unfortunately had to cancel when I couldn’t get my visa extended- but anyway, I know who I am). The troll had never heard of me apparently, and felt comfortable dishing out a nasty insult.

I removed the video, since I didn’t want to be judged on that experimental project, but I will share it here and it was included in the book that I painted it for. I believe in myself and my abilities. I do not need permission or approval from others. I’m careful when my work doesn’t represent me well, so I will respond when something isn’t well received, but I only take that into small consideration.

We must believe in ourselves when no one else will. If we do not, we can’t expect others to believe in us. We also have very little to offer others when we don’t hold ourselves up to a high standard. How can we inspire our children, communities, and the world if we are too self-absorbed, always peering inward to see if we are good enough, if we’ve earned enough admiration or outward signs of success? Self-doubt and low self esteem can be a form of selfishness and narcissism. We must let go of our focus on ourselves so that we are free to think of others.

So, it is with full confidence that I share my “inferior” rainbows painting with you. It’s an interesting project, and I don’t need to meet anyone’s standard but my own. This art isn’t a favorite of mine- not even close- but it has merit because of the story behind it, and because I was experimenting with art in a way that might be fun for others to try. Most of all, seeing people like me free to try new things that might fail, and comfortable sharing those unflattering moments with you, may encourage and motivate you to step outside of your need to please others or meet a standard other than your own.

Believe that you are uniquely human, that you are special in the eyes of God. Honor this by reviewing yourself as special. Soak up every confidence to give yourself the courage to share your life and spirit with others. We need each one of us to be who we were designed to be. Believe.

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