Collaborating Artists

Watch me paint “Geese” in 1 minute (time lapse)

Do you remember when I shared this painting? It’s a relatively new one, from April (New Painting – Honk!). The story behind this is that two geese were visiting the lagoon behind our house every day for a week or so. My daughter and I were enchanted by them. I thought about painting them but hadn’t gotten around to taking a photo for reference. Meanwhile, she had drawn the geese while watching them from her upstairs bedroom window.

I asked her if I could use her brilliant artwork as a painting reference and I imitated her style. It was a new experience to paint in my daughter’s art style, and fun to bond with her in this way. Collaborating with other artists pushes us outside of our own habits and awakens unexplored areas of our brains. It’s even better when we share art with people we love.

My geese oil painting (below) and my daughter’s sketch (above).

She told me I can keep the sketch, and I am happy to have it. It’s taped to my computer tower so that I can see it every day. What a special memory of admiring the same beauty and mystery of nature, and spontaneously wanting to create a representation of it… then inspiring art from one (her) to another (me)! When the geese turned up out of the blue, spending peaceful days with us for a short blessed while, they gave us a gift of inspiration and shared creativity.

Be like these wild geese… be ready to fly to somewhere new (perhaps metaphorically and spiritually, not necessarily through physical travel) and inspire those you visit along the way. When we believe that one good thing is meant to connect and inspire another good thing, we manifest what we believe. Good things come to those who believe, connect, and create (act). Standing still gets us nowhere. Be a wild goose!

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