Good Friday

To mark Good Friday as a day of remembrance and humility, an artistic rendering of the cross is typically focused on the beauty of redemption, rather than physical suffering and unjust violence. However, the symbol of the cross represents the evils that often go unsaid. The battle between good and evil, ignorance and spiritual enlightenment, betrayal by people close to us, and divisions among political, economic, and social classes were humanity’s struggles for thousands of years and continue to this day.

The oil painting above is called “Cross and Lily“. Two of my other cross paintings are “Floral Cross” and “Celtic Cross“. Below, my kids and I are singing with the church choir “Precious Lamb”. As you can see, my live event footage is from before the ban on singing.

In the above song “Precious Lamb”, the lyrics that speak to me the most are about the “blameless one” carrying the blame, and the “life giver” giving His own life. When the innocent are sacrificed while the guilty go free we long for victory, in which all wrongs are righted. Sometimes the only path to freedom is through mercy; being blessed to receive forgiveness, and strong enough to forgive others.

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