Painting Dynamic

Dynamic painting is kinetic; the act of painting it, the subject, and the composition exude high energy as it relates to movement, change and vigor. In “Painting Colors“, you can see in the video that the physical act of painting the abstract paint splotches is active exercise, high energy. So much so, that at one point the canvas is nearly knocked off the easel. The effect of physical energy on the energy of the composition is directly proportional. To see energy in art, we need energy in the artist.

In “Painting Colors” dynamic is aided by the variation of intensity in the music and the brush patterns as paint splotches are applied to the canvas. There is also an energetic contrast between the linear paintbrush that seems to control the paint, and the abstract free-flowing colors. Likewise, in “Peach Tree Hurricane“, a vigorous contrast exists between the ominous and heavily textured storm swirls and the daintily painted upright peach tree.

Art themes are also dynamic. In “Painting Colors“, the theme is the action of creating and painting, while actually creating and painting. In “Peach Tree Hurricane” the action is a representational story from the past, but the painting style still depicts action.

The vigor of the aftermath of a hurricane that has devastated most of an orchard while leaving some trees completely untouched, is a show of force that produces change. When the sun returns, resilience provides hope for the future. The contrast between fear and hope mirrors the dynamic of the painting style.

Waterfall Flowers” is dynamic through the intensity of its colors. The painting moves with high energy and robust contrast. The composition directs and controls the viewer, corralling our eyes into the “V” shaped open waters for a satisfying splash from the waterfall. The colors of the flowers seem to spring up in front of us. Turn sound on for full “Feel Good” vibe.

Dynamic painting requires a dynamic artist. Move, move, move! Life is a dance and if we don’t feel the music, we miss the energy and strength that gives meaning to action, and action to meaning.

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