Art Lesson Ten

2 Videos

Welcome to Lesson Ten of your “Inspired by Natalie” art class! Everything you need for this week’s class is on this page. When you’ve finished everything on this page, you’re ready for Lesson Eleven!

COST: Free! (Tips encouraged but not required) 

VIDEO 1 of 2: Class lecture and instruction notes for Painting Project 5

VIDEO 2 of 2: Painting Session for Lesson 10 (Painting Project 5, Session 1 of 3). Project tips, suggestions, and other instructions are on the screen.

Note: Lesson 12 is our final lesson. Lessons 11-12 will instruct you through sessions 2-3 of our final painting project for this 12 week series. If you have been watching these without trying the projects, it’s never too late to start from the beginning and give it a go!

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