Friday & Update

Watch this oil painting of a puffin come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

I last shared this puffin painting in a blog post called “Are you Worried?” Today, I’d like this funny little bird to wish you a happy Friday. I’m enjoying my evening and I hope you are too! A bit of an update: I am working on the longer project I mentioned earlier and the smell of heavy oil paint was getting to me, so it’s a good thing I’ve had a forced break this week due to weather. You might recall that I’ve said that artificial light is not as good as natural sunlight for seeing and filming my paintings. It’s been dreary and dark here in Georgia.

So, I’ve been working on Christmas sewing projects and other home related things. The art will be done in due time. In this way, I shall be like this puffin, a positive and quirky bird with many talents. He can swim, fly, and nest high on cliffs, but obviously he can do only one of those things at a time. He’s a social creature and above all, likes to be with his fellow birds. May we be like a puffin, embracing all of the amazing things we can do, but fine with not being able to do all things at all times, and enjoying the people we love to spend time with.

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