Take my Hand

Watch oil painting “City of Savannah” (city near me) come to life in 2 minutes, time lapse

I shared this painting here on the blog in June, in a post called “Timeless“. Today I want to share something else, not about the painting itself, but about the music I chose for the above video. I sang the song for you this morning and added the lyrics. It is an old hymn that may be familiar to you:

Natalie singing “Precious Lord, Take my Hand” (hymn used in painting video “City of Savannah“)

I knew most of the song by heart, but I had to peek at the words for the second verse. It helps to memorize comforting songs because during times of crisis, these familiar words may pop into our heads; playing a song that we need to hear. Has this ever happened to you?

It’s a surreal experience to be in an emergency or grief moment of extreme stress, and “feel” a song playing inside our head. Sometimes a song that is meaningful to us will literally play- perhaps in a grocery store while we’re picking up a few supplies during a very tragic day. Whatever is happening to us, when we are open to spiritual “music”, we will hear it.

By music, I do mean any sign of comfort. Music isn’t the only language that reaches us. But, it’s an important one, and I wanted to talk about that with you today. I hope that you are feeling strong and positive, despite these trying times. God bless you and your families.

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