A Rose by Any Other Name

Watch this rose oil painting come to life in 2 minutes (time lapse)

The old saying “a rose by any other name”, derived from Shakespeare, generally means that no matter what we call something, it remains the same. These days when propaganda flows more freely than the truth, words are given new meaning, and actions are given new words, but in the end, truth is truth. No matter what new words are given to describe what’s happening, the truth will be known. By some, the truth is felt immediately. Others take longer to see it. Many more won’t see it until a pivotal moment when they believe what they see because the right person, the right place, or the right time has caused the truth to finally be seen by them. Still, there are a few who will never see the truth because they are incapable or unwilling to see it.

If you ever feel discouraged, as if you are living in a different reality from others, always keep in mind that a rose is always a rose. It has the characteristics of a rose, regardless of what we call it. Truth is eventually known, and it doesn’t matter if not everyone can see it. The characteristics of truth are the same regardless, and those characteristics bring forth justice, peace, and healing.

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