End of Summer

Watch my tree swing painting come to life in about 2 minutes (time lapse)

You might remember when I first shared this one when I finished it in May? Hard to believe that summer has already come and gone since then. Here we are in September and I’ll be sharing my autumn related art soon, as well as new paintings (of various subjects) as I finish art for the 2022 collection. If you or someone in your household has gone back to school or college, the seasonal shift from summer to fall has probably already settled in. But, for many of us, the weather is still quite hot and summer-like.

We’ve now gone more than a year since the start of this dystopia we live under. I’m guessing that many of you were like me, and hoping that by summer this would be over. Then by summer’s end, surely. Yet, it is not over, and we must continue to focus positive energy on mind, body, and spiritual wellness for ourselves, our families, and humanity.

The girl on the tree swing captures what it feels like to be carefree, healthy, youthful, and positive. Having fun, feeling the wind on our faces, surrounded by nature, and enjoying light exercise are all a wonderful part of a balanced life. I was outside pulling up weeds before writing this blog. There’s something cathartic about ripping up weeds and pulling them out, making the space clean and clear once again. It’s not as fun as swinging in a tree swing, but it is light outdoor exercise.

Spending at least 15 minutes a day outside is one of the most positive and healthy habits we can develop. Longer is better, but aiming for the 15 daily minimum is good progress. A virtual existence and an indoor lifestyle is not healthy. We forget who we are when we lose touch with what it feels like to be carefree. Lift your face to the wind and remind yourself of who you are, every day.

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