Watch this oil painting of a pink flower come to life in 36 seconds (time lapse)

I let the painting experience flow and evolve, and I liked the way it went: starting with an abstract background layer, then adding a middle layer of leaves/foliage, and ending with the foreground main subject layer of the flower. I later repeated this technique with intention (planning, instead of just stumbling upon it while “free painting”). It’s become one of my signature styles.

Sometimes we try too hard, when life would be so much easier if we let things flow naturally. And then, we can learn who we are and do more of that. As we wrap up another Sunday, may we reflect on who we are, and let ourselves be that person. It’s all that is ever asked of us – just be who we were born to be, the best that we know how.


  1. Mireya says:

    painting free is the best kind of painting. Our best work happens this way.

    1. Natalie Buske Thomas says:

      You make a very good point. Happy Painting to you!

      1. Mireya says:

        yeah if you think about it all the greats painted from heart. Like Monet for instance. Yet we find ourselves researching artists and real images and insisting on replicating. Some insist on this and that’s great for them but for most us we do this for imposter syndrome or that what me make couldn’t possibly be art.

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