Watch this raccoon painting come to life in under 2 minutes (time lapse)

Our experiences with nature are often wonderful, sometimes mysterious, and occasionally pure joy. But other times dangerous, destructive, or annoying. Our experiences with raccoons have been frustrating, but not as frustrating as our encounters with squirrels. I don’t have a squirrel painting so I went with the raccoon. But my blog post is about squirrels and a VICTORY over them!

The squirrels were eating all of the bird seed and running our lovely cardinals, finches, and other bird friends away. It was also getting too expensive to feed the squirrels, who have insatiable appetites! But we have a victory! (see the video below that I took today!) Now, you’ll notice that the squirrel actually broke the baffle in the end, but it’s an easy fix to put it back up. I’ve already done that and can secure it better later. So, I think we’ve won this battle! Right now there are two cardinals at the feeder looking mighty smug, as if they know that the feeder is all theirs now. 🙂

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