Watch me paint “Painting Colors” in 1 minute (time lapse)

Update: I’m now down to only 5 left in the 2021 collection “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Nature“! I’ve been busy with the garden but I’ll start the next painting tomorrow. Today I harvested and dehydrated basil. Yesterday I took care of the dill plant. Yesterday went fine, except for smelling dill for hours, and since I’m not a big fan of dill, that was rather unpleasant. But, the project went well and the family is happy to enjoy dill seasoning. However, today’s project went horribly!

Firstly, I was disappointed that, unlike the dill plant, my basil had not done very well. There wasn’t as much to harvest as I’d hoped. Then, after I’d washed the leaves for quite some time, I set them aside to air dry and I saw a bit of dark failed leaf material like the others I’d picked off… except this one moved when I tried to grab it. UGH, a worm! Shortly after that, when I was giving the basil another round of washing because of the worm… a spider suddenly appeared on the top of my hand! ACK! 

So, it wasn’t going well. Then, I finally got the basil under control, all washed and dried (dry from washing, instead of sopping wet), and ready for dehydrating. So I put all the leaves on the tray, unfortunately only one tray because the harvest was poor. I only had enough healthy leaves to fill a single tray. Then, I started the dehydrating process and the basil leaves were so light that the fan blew half of them onto the bottom of the oven, ruined!

In the end, I managed to collect only a small amount of dried basil. Well, darn it. That wasn’t a productive use of my time. I could have been painting! Tomorrow, when I feel sluggish and don’t feel like painting, I shall motivate myself by thinking of my afternoon with basil. Yep, painting sounds fine!

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