Something New!

Watch me paint “Time” in 2 minutes (time lapse)

This oil painting of an antique watch and roses is not the “something new” that I want to share, but this art is used as the book cover for a new project I’m doing for Kindle Vella, a new service that launched today. You can read parts of books for free, then after that you can cash in tokens to read more (if you want to). It sounds like a fun new thing to try, and I hope that you try mine!

You will notice that some of the episodes are stories I’ve shared here, but the ones I’m publishing currently are new stories that I’ve not put on the blog, including one that I just submitted (and will take a little while to go live, so if you don’t see episode 7 called “Lost Locket”, please check back later). All of the stories have related oil paintings that you can watch me paint on this site. If you do decide to check it out, please help me get started in this new adventure by sharing my story with others or writing a review. Thank you!

Read free samples of “Beauty of Time”

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