Be Mysterious

Watch me paint this coastal scene from Dingle, Ireland in 2 minutes (time lapse). I visited this area when I was living in Ireland in 2016.

If you want to win the right to remain fully human, you must first desire freedom from control, enslavement and the systemic breakdown of the human spirit. The first step to control someone is to know them, to predict their moves, habits, and responses. When we know someone, we can then manipulate that person into doing what we want them to do. We can deliberately steer them toward self-destructive paths, or toward a collective (hive mind) that supports our agenda.

Therefore, the first step toward resisting control and breaking free of brainwashing, is to be mysterious. When we are unpredictable, even computer algorithms that apply scores to our predictive behaviors cannot determine who we are and what we will do. We must choose to be organic, authentic, raw, real, emotional, spiritual, and light-seeking. We must choose love over the absence of it, which eventually becomes malice. For when we are devoid of love, the void is filled by hate. The removal of light is darkness.

It is impossible to have no religion. What we serve simply has a different name. We may not care to name it, but even “nothing” is something. The religion of globalism does not respect the freedom of individual spirituality. We must fight for our freedom by choosing to be mysterious, uncontrolled. We must not comply with illegal orders that violate human rights. We must declare such orders as Crimes Against Humanity and stand firmly together.

We matter.

You matter.

Believe in the beauty that God created: YOU.

Be fully human.

Be mysterious.

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