Fully Human

Watch me paint “Miracle of Life” in 2 minutes (time lapse)

The inspiration behind this art is the alarming trend toward genetically modified humans (GMHs), which has been going on for much longer than most people seem to realize. GMHs are among us in larger and larger numbers. The question we must ask is, “Will there come a day when we will have no choice?”

Will all food be genetically modified, and all humans modified as well? Do we have biological freedom? Do we have the right to remain fully human?

I wrote this book “Project Willow” in 2014 (trailer below). I’ve shared with you several times when I have created something futuristic, usually by accident. My vision into the future is seldom far ahead, but within ten years of mirroring in real life. 

Project Willow trailer (above) – no need to read the fictional book. This short video is all you need to see to understand what I’m trying to share in this blog post.

When I wrote this, I felt overwhelming sorrow for these (imagined, yet perceived) nearly-AI beings who grieve their losses and yearn to be fully human. For, while it may seem like utopia to remove all of the unpleasantness of what makes us human, when we alter what God has created, we also remove the unique design that makes us who we are. Do we not have value?

You might recall what I wrote in my recent post “Are we free“, in which I talked about social engineering and the theft of a treasure that few seem to understand the precious irreplaceable value of (our creative, intellectual, and spiritual freedom to live an authentic and organic life that is not covertly or overtly manipulated by profit or power driven entities). In that post, I specified some ways that we are manipulated on a mass scale toward contrived conversations, thoughts, and decisions that are not organic, but “rigged” by powerful people, corporations and governments. Much of this mass manipulation and control relies on artificial intelligence.

It is this part of my blog post that I want to remind you of:

“We secure what they intend to steal when we value our treasure. They won’t know what our future thoughts and creations will be if we raise our spiritual and intellectual selves to new heights. They and their AI machines will never be able to successfully predict who we are because they have underestimated us. They have evaluated us on predictive programming alone, not by spiritual wisdom, discernment, and evidence of the human spirit.”

– “Are we Free?” by Natalie Buske Thomas

When our genetic code is altered, this is what we stand to lose: “spiritual wisdom, discernment, and evidence of the human spirit.” We stand to lose that which AI cannot currently understand and replicate, which is why they must destroy it. This is merely logical and linear in thinking. It is an objective conclusion based on the trajectory of their social initiatives, based on the language found in publications produced by world organizations such as the UN.

When people adopt the manipulative propaganda phrases of entities meant to silence the masses, such as “conspiracy theorist”, we hurt only ourselves, and aid those who wish to enslave us, profit from our labor, and see us not as individuals, but as property. We are either “assets” (to keep alive and steer toward actions that benefit them), or “liabilities” (to remove, and to prevent from being born in the first place). This is a sinister view of the world governments, but when you pay attention to their meetings such as in Davos, and their “scientific” experiments and agendas, they tell us from their own lips what their intentions for mankind are. 

Furthermore, if studying what is being done to our food source and to animals, and realizing that the same is being done to people, their plots are quite easy to deduce. It requires no imagination, only listening, reading, and making logical conclusions. Often, no conclusions are even necessary, as their arrogance leads them to brag openly about their agendas. Why would we listen to known liars, and call our fellow humans “conspiracy theorists”, refusing to hear our pleas? To be honest, this is so stupid, it’s baffling. We are smarter than this, surely!

My role over ten years ago, and in the years since, has been to share what I could see and what I learned (read medical journals about the progression of human cloning and DNA modification, for example). But we are past all of that. The things I saw are now transparent for anyone who chooses to look. We must focus not solely on the shock and reveal of uncovered evil, corruption, and horrific worldwide intentions to conquer humanity, but on what we can do about it.

The answer lies in our free will as human beings, granted to us by God. This gift cannot be stolen from us by world governments. They can only get it when we surrender it to them. If they manage to trick enough of us into giving away our humanity, they can then eliminate the remaining populace. Much of that would likely be done simply by allowing the converted State-aligned masses to remove the non-conformers themselves (the issue that divides us could be anything; related to social “crimes”, health related freedoms, climate change initiatives- any excuse to control the populace by restricting the freedoms of those who do not conform). 

The deception is brainwashing the masses to believe that the issues themselves are what’s driving the control, instead of what is really driving this oppressive march; powerful world governments and their partnering tech/corporations/edu/health/media. The sleight-of-hand triggering issues can be invented, yanked when they lose performance value, and re-invented at any time. They can be manufactured based on reality, they can use real events and exploit them in a misleading direction, or they can make drama out of thin air. Their art of deception has the talent of Hollywood at their fingertips, to include video trickery, masks, illusions, and actors. Can we trust what we see? 

Would it even matter if what they present is true, if their reason for presenting these issues and reporting on these events has a propaganda motive? In my opinion, not really. Bickering over which events are real and which ones are fake is yet another distraction. The point isn’t the initial lie, but how they use the lie (or the truth, doesn’t matter) to distort and manipulate our thinking. They take unrelated events and push them into a relationship they want the masses to believe. Even if the propagandized reports make us feel justifiably angry, we must remember that they are steering our response to such events away from logical paths that lead to lasting positive change, and toward impulsive reactions that lead right into their next plans, legislation, or control.

In this way, the new class of GMHs would overtake the old human populace with little resistance, and not much need for government intervention. They only need to restrict and squeeze our ability to travel, work, associate, and obtain food and services. The rest would be made possible by our own citizens and local agencies turning on us. It doesn’t even matter which “side” people choose… those who always align with the State may still be caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time and corralled with the non-conformers regardless.

I will repeat what I said before:

“Will you join me in my personal challenge? I am making a conscious effort to be aware of when I edit my words or when I alter my creative vision to conform with arbitrary or manipulative standards, or when I cave to the fear that the mob will retaliate against me. I will honor my God given purpose and I will not edit myself from view. I will not comply. I will do my part to restore intellectual and spiritual freedom to humanity. I will fight! Will you join me in this effort?”

– “Are we Free?” by Natalie Buske Thomas

Take this simple stand further. In what other ways should we not comply? What can we hold on to, that would make a difference? Artificial intelligence analyzes us and predicts our moves. Make yourself unpredictable. Be aware of steered conversations and thoughts and refuse to let these things control you. Do the opposite of what is pushed on you. Go outside. Get at least 15 minutes of sun a day. Rid your body of as many chemicals as you can. Eat real foods. Drink mostly water. Seek genuine, authentic, communications. Let yourself feel your emotions. Cry. Laugh until you cry. Do not allow mass hypnosis that desensitizes you to the pain of other human beings. Feel their pain!

Do you remember a children’s book called “A Wrinkle in Time”? A truly scary part in that book was when Meg was fighting for control of her mind. She realizes that IT is not good, but evil. The way to defeat IT is in knowing that IT feeds off hate, and the way to save herself and her family is to make the conscious, full spirited choice to love. She pours out love with everything her spirit has to give, and she breaks free of IT, helps others to break free as well. Here is a page that gives a summary: “Meg broke IT’s control“.

I can’t help but be aware that IT is also an umbrella term for computing, “information technology”. AI definitely relates to IT. I feel that the current battle for our minds is very much as described in “A Wrinkle in Time”, and the answer is as the author so wisely shared with us: love. The defense to hate is love. The way to break free from control is love. The path to survive and thrive during these troubled times is through love.

When lies, fraud, corruption, manipulation, and contrived tragedies drag your spirit down, fight! Choose calm, peace, stillness, nature, friendships, hobbies, and spiritual meditation. Do not let yourself choose “sides” in manufactured or exploited hate dramas. IT/AI doesn’t care which side we choose, only that we play the game… only that we choose their false dichotomy that there are only two positions from which to choose, and both of those positions are seeded by hate, as its aim is to divide and destroy.

Choose not to play IT’s game. Live your life. Cherish your humanity. Reject their new model for what we should be. Should we be angry every minute, always hopped up with “social justice” that emboldens us to hate our own people, perpetually wronged and hostile? This is a plan outlined in actual handbooks for how to overtake and control a native population to “organize” communities and change them to suit the objectives of the conquering parties or nations. This plan is pure evil, as it is operates on hate. It is fueled by the hatred that is aroused in the populace, as they learn to blame all of their trials on each other.

We all face hardships and injustice in life. Our response to financial devastation, persecution, criminal victimization, generational disadvantage, and righteous anger about these unjust situations can never be hate. Hate feeds more of the same, building upon the wrongs until malice reaches a tipping point. When hate becomes a collective fiery inferno, hate has won.

Extinguish the flames of hatred by contributing the opposite of what is expected of us. Do not respond in a predictable way to the baited, contrived, steered arguments and violent dramas. Think logically. What percentage of violent, unjust acts occur daily compared to the percentage of acts that are not dramatic… these are peaceful everyday human moments that we could choose to focus on and celebrate?

Know your rights and do nothing that violates them. Shut off the noise. Block IT with your mind by thinking upon good things, as the character Meg did in “A Wrinkle in Time”. Bake cookies for your favorite people, or for just yourself- you should be your most favorite person. On the other side of that, watch your sugar intake and your overall health. Focus on physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual fitness. Be the healthiest you can be, even if your health is severely weakened. Aim for the most comfort and optimize your human condition.

Think lovingly. Be loving. Act in love. Go in love. Let your spirit feel the restful space of love. You know all of this intuitively. I share nothing new. But it always helps when a friend says what’s on our hearts so that we know we are not alone. You are not alone.


  1. Kelly Smith says:

    Great post, Natalie.

    1. Natalie Buske Thomas says:

      Thank you, Kelly! Happy to see you.

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