Painting Duality

Painting duality expresses the difference between two opposing elements. These elements may contradict each other as complete opposites, or may seem contradictory even though the elements are not equal and exact opposites . “World War II Veteran and Baby” depicts clear duality between old and young, past and future.

Butterfly Tree Flowers” is not a case of opposes, but is contradictory, more of a dichotomy than a dichotomy. A plant and an animal (in this case an insect, a butterfly) are two different things, but they aren’t complete opposites exactly. They are both living things. But, they appear contradictory in nature. The duality exists in the way that trees are rooted while butterflies fly free.

(Note: this painting was inspired by the potted butterfly tree bush we have on our backyard patio, beautiful plant, highly recommend… and DO attract butterflies and hummingbirds as well!)

Duality is the deepest when the difference is between life and death. One baby lives, the other dies. There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing a child; there is nothing more joyous than the birth of a child. “Marie’s Babies” was painted for a dear friend. She believed that she could not have children, but was surprised by twins. Her sons were born very premature. Sadly, one baby passed away after a month here on this earth. The surviving son is a happy little boy who gives his parents great joy. But always in their hearts, they will ache for the child who should be playing alongside his twin.

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