“Tree Frog”

“The green tree frog is the Official State Amphibian of Georgia. We see them at our place. There’s often a little guy on the patio glass on a warm evening. The ones I see are very small, probably only a couple inches long at the most.

My son has always liked frogs, so he was happy to see these. We didn’t see many frogs up North, usually only large warty toads- which I’ve happily seen none of so far. I saw only a tiny toad. I’m sure a big one will show itself eventually, but I’m pleased that we see mainly these cute little tree frogs. Although, I must say, I’m not fond of salamanders or skinks, both of which are new to us. Before now, I’d only seen them in tanks in captivity.”

Tree Frog oil painting by Natalie Buske Thomas


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