Are you a tiger?

Watch me paint this tiger in 2 minutes (time lapse)

My daughter wanted me to paint a tiger. This art now hangs in her room. She has a large plush tiger that stretches out the length of her bed, tiger patterns on some of her clothes, tiger jigsaw puzzles, and probably other tiger themed items that I haven’t remembered. Clearly, the qualities of a tiger greatly appeal to my daughter.

She says that that tigers seem “strong and happy and free”. Tigers are like cats “but have not been made small for people to keep. They aren’t tamed. Tigers in the wild seem happy. They like to swim and they enjoy life.”

Are YOU a tiger? Do you embody the qualities of an exotic cat? My daughter also adds that tigers are beautiful. I agree that animals with vibrant colors and markings are beautiful, but I think what’s most beautiful is the idea that they live a happy and free life.

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