Watch Natalie paint this wolf in just over a minute… (time lapse!)

This art is included in the collection “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by Nature“. Blog posts that feature this art include: “False Prophets” (philosophical, spiritual post that explores Matthew 7:15 and the possible contemporary interpretations for false prophets who are like “ravening wolves”), “Packing Up” (shows this art in a stack of artwork in preparation for the move to Savannah, Georgia), and a few other instances. Whenever you see artwork that interests you, and you’d like to think about those paintings more, type in the name of the painting in this website’s search box that appears at the top of the long menu at the bottom of each page (on the desktop version, but your search box may appear in a slightly different location if your device has re-sized the site to fit on your screen). When you type in the name of the painting, it will pull up instances when that painting was referenced in a blog post. It’s fairly accurate and a handy way to see associated posts featuring the same work.

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