Shop Natalie’s Fashions

1. “Lily” fashion line: Full color dress, matching sheer kimono, and alternative black and white versions. See “Lily” page for photos of artwork, prints, a video to watch Natalie paint this work, and buy buttons to purchase Lily fashions.

2. Click here to see “Sparrows” page, where the Sparrows kimono is sold.

3. Click here for “Gator and Snake” art page, where this hat is sold.

4. Click here to see “Lion and the Lamb” page, where the kimono is sold. View the video below to see what these art fashion kimonos look like.

5. Click here to see “Cherokee Rose” where this scarf is sold. Also, watch the video below to see what the scarf looks like.

More fashions will be added as Natalie’s collection grows.

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