“Censored Artist Collection”

Political art by Natalie Buske Thomas: These works and others have been censored when shared on social media platforms (note: Natalie is no longer active on any social media). The sight of these works have also cost Natalie gallery showings, lost work, and incited a mob purge/terror campaign against her involving two well known “protest” groups. Crimes were committed against her and her safety was threatened.

From Natalie: “Whatever differences we may have, if we do not agree that humans should have the right to express our thoughts and feelings regarding government, society, and world events, we destroy ourselves. One man’s opinion does not silence another. We have laws to protect people from harassment, slander, libel, and threats. Those are sufficient, when enforced and proven in a court of law through evidence in front of a jury of our peers. Mob rule and muzzling unpopular opinion or dissent never helps the people, but always fosters oppression by the powerful few.


Never stop raising your voice, even if you are falsely accused of “hate” or other non-criminal charges that deny your freedom to speak and hold opinions, thoughts, and emotions that others do not like. These are not crimes, and never will be. Those who state that they can determine the heart of man and declare it to be criminal, while no crimes have been committed, are lying. These lies can never overwhelm truth. Always honor yourself and humanity by saying what’s on your heart, even when others tell you that you have no right to do so.

Update: all of the videos on this page were muted! The settings were NOT set to be muted and it was difficult to reverse this. Please contact us if these videos are muted again in the future. The music makes a difference in viewing this art.

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He wept” – sorrow for the victims of child trafficking

Swearing in Ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh” not an endorsement one way or another for this particular political figure, but a statement against mob trials, a tribute to the courage of his wife and children; advocacy for return of Rule of Law which has not yet happened. We must return to the premise of innocent until proven guilty, not “guilty unless exonerated”.


NOTE FROM THE ARTIST: I offer prints of famous people, events and important issues because someone may want them, but if there is any money made from these it will be used for art supplies to continue my work. I do not wish to profit from the “Censored Artist” collection. I paint these for humanitarian and historical purposes to share our human experience. -Natalie

More art will be added to this space, but likely a few pieces will remain unpublished that were previously shared, but for various reasons are better kept out of view for now. These reasons are not cowardice or submission, but are instead sensitive to what others may be experiencing and are perhaps too disturbing to revisit at this time.

FYI: Natalie is not typically a historical or social issues artist. Do not expect many of these types of paintings. She is primarily a nature and faith oil painter. However, if you wish to stay in touch, subscribing to her blog is the best way to be notified of new paintings.

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