"Censored Artist" Collection

Political art by Natalie Buske Thomas

Click on the image of the art that interests you. This collection currently has 12 prints available (collection is still active, more prints will be added)

Each page has a free video to watch Natalie paint the art, and options to buy a print if you wish.

Praying for the President
Eagle Takes Down Owl
Peace through Strength
Christmas with First Lady Melania Trump
The President and First Lady in the UK
President Trump Signing the Right to Try Bill
World War II Veteran and American Baby
Angel Carrying Baby to Heaven
Swearing in Ceremony for Justice Brett Kavanaugh
Tribute to Firefighters
Master Justice: Assange
He Wept

Note: Unavailable as prints at this time: “Silenced”, “Frog Censorship”, and a few others.

This collection is ACTIVE, meaning that Natalie will continue to paint new pieces for this collection.