Art Lesson Twelve

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Welcome to Lesson Twelve of your “Inspired by Natalie” art class! Everything you need for this week’s class is on this page. When you’ve finished everything on this page, you have completed your final class in this course! I hope that you have enjoyed your art class, and that you will be back to this site for more free classes, shows, videos, and creative programs.

COST: Free! (Tips Encouraged) 

Instruction Notes: Before beginning Session 3 of your final project, check to see that you have all of the colors you need on your palette- the same color range you used for Session 2. You’ll be working on lights/darks (highlights and shadows), so be sure to include white and black. The plan for this session is to add a third (final details) layer to your subject (the animal you chose to paint in sessions one and two of this project), and a second layer to the foreground of your landscape. You’ll be adding finishing details, highlights, and shadows to your animal.  Techniques, tips, and coaching instructions are captioned in the video. Happy Painting and thank you for taking the journey!

From Natalie: Before you go… even if it’s not Christmas time when you finish this course, it is Christmas for me, as I publish this final lesson page. My teacher present for all of you is my Christmas Show 2020, which is about a special oil painting session and a few extra surprises. So, Merry Christmas, even if you’ve finished this course in July! I look forward to new art adventures together. Happy New Year as well – no matter what year this is when you reach the end of this course. May God bless you, and keep you, this day and always.