Art Lesson Four

3 Videos + Lesson Plan

Welcome to Lesson Four of your “Inspired by Natalie” art class! Everything you need for this week’s class is on this page.

VIDEO 1: Class lecture for Lesson 4 and Painting Project 2 Instructions 

VIDEO 2: Painting Project – NEW! For the first time ever, split screen!

VIDEO 3: Closing remarks and an AMAZING inspirational update!

When you’ve finished everything on this page, you’re ready for Lesson Five!

COST: Free! (Tips Encouraged, but not required) 

   Your free Lesson Plan

VIDEO 1 of 3: Lecture and Painting Assignment for Lesson 4

VIDEO 2 of 3: Painting Session for Lesson 4 (Painting Project 2)

VIDEO 3 of 3: Closing Words and AMAZING update!

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