Watch this oil painting of parrots come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

Don’t these parrots look engaged in conversation, with one parrot more chatty than the other? This was my daughter and me this afternoon as we held a meeting of entrepreneurs in our living room (just us two!). We were planning what we might like to do to expand our presence in 2022.

It feels like a natural progression to do more videos. My daughter is considering sharing videos of her animation-style comic sessions and possibly including a chat feature. I’m possibly going to do vlogging, as I already show my paintings in time lapse versions and longer “live” versions through the variety shows.

Meanwhile, we’ve started with the basics: cleaning and organizing our physical space. I was scrubbing the shower and sink today, catching up on laundry, and doing some (small) batch cooking. My family has been sorting and clearing their rooms without any prompting from me. Everyone’s been in the mood for purging the old and arranging the new.

Is this how you feel too? Are you planning for what you might do differently in 2022? Are you tackling your physical space to prepare for the next season of your life? A clean slate helps prepare emotional and mental space for something new. I wish you hope, passion, fulfillment, and prosperity for the new year.

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