Are you an angel?

Watch me paint “We are the Angels that He Sends” in 1 minute (time lapse)

“This art was inspired by coincidence, fate, serendipity… or divine intervention, depending on your belief system. A casual friend I knew from many years ago contacted me out of the blue. She was traveling through the state I lived in- which was a long way from where we went to school together, and where she still resided. Knowing I lived in Minnesota at that time, she asked me for advice on best routes. Well, it turned out that she was going right by me.

It would only be a small detour to drop by our house for a coffee break. So, while she’d never been to my home when we knew each other, and we’d never seen each other outside of a few classes at school, decades ago… she was happy to accept my offer of coffee. I wondered if we would even recognize each other.

Of course we did! She greeted me with a big smile and I invited her into our quiet home. My husband had just had surgery and he was recovering in the bedroom. I was taking care of him on my own and I felt drained, overwhelmed. The stress of the surgery was over, and now I was exhausted, yet still anxious.

Most of all, the quiet of the lonely house felt loud. But my friend was there- an angel at the door. She talked to me for hours. I gave her advice on something she was dealing with, and it was with reluctance that we finally hugged good-bye. God sent her to me, straight to my doorstep, right when I felt so alone and overwhelmed.

Well, later on, when I thanked her and told her how she was an angel appearing at the right time, she was stunned, because it was she who felt that of me! Pouring her heart to me about the things she was struggling with, and receiving what she felt was authentic helpful advice, was me being HER angel, who just happened to live near where she had to pass through…with a listening ear, hugs, and coffee ready to pour.”

-from book “50 Oil Paintings Inspired by my Christian Faith” by Natalie Buske Thomas

Natalie painting “We are the Angels” 2014

There are times in our lives when we have an opportunity to be an angel to someone, and we might not even realize our role in that moment. When we remain open to serendipity and connections, we find them. When we have a trusting and vulnerable heart, angels find us in return.

It is said that “no good deed goes unpunished”, but that’s a cynical view of this beautiful life. The truth is, no good deed goes unrewarded. We may not see the blessings right away, but they are stored ahead for us.

Are you an angel? I’m trusting that you probably are. ❤️

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