Need a laugh? Goofy today.

See this oil painting illustration from children’s book “Fred” come to life in 1 minute (time lapse)

LOL! Today I did something as silly as the “Rock Juggling” incident from when I was a child, shown in the above video. In the scene from the Fred book (my dad’s nickname for me was Fred), I talked about the time when I was bored and I decided for reasons unknown to lie on my back and juggle a ROCK with my feet, passing the rock from toes to toes. Of course the rock fell and hit me smack on the mouth, giving me a fat lip. My father laughed about that for a long time and asked me why on Earth I’d think juggling a rock over my face was a good idea.

Today I was trying to get a folded up grow bag out from under a full one that was heavy with soil and a small tree growing in it. I couldn’t get it out, as it was wedged under the tree bag. I’d put it there, actually, as a wedge on purpose to shim it up since it wasn’t level. But now I’d run out of that small size grow bag that was under the tree and I wanted to get it back to use it.

Well, I couldn’t get it out, so my daughter offered to lift the tree bag up. I didn’t expect her to be able to lift it very high, so I gave it a very big yank when she tugged at the tree bag. You guessed it, I flew backwards. And with such force that I actually tumbled down a small slope!

It was hilariously acrobatic. My daughter said it looked like part of a dance I’d done on purpose. LOL! I laughed so hard every time I thought about how silly that was. The slope is very small and the rest of that part of the yard is flat. How did I manage to fall down a rather nonexistent hill in such a spectacular tumble? I actually rolled about three times before stopping only a few feet from where I fell backward.

I will tell my husband about this and the thought of this happening to me will amuse him for weeks. He will probably want me to show him where it happened, as he will be baffled about how I could have tumbled down a “hill”. I don’t know. It’s because I’m “Fred”. LOL!

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