art oil painting FRED book cover by Natalie Buske Thomas


“A Little Girl with a Big Imagination”

     “Fred” is a collection of oil paintings that was published as a children’s book to inspire creative children to always believe in yourself and never give up. This short illustrated book is an autobiography- simple stories from Natalie’s childhood that could appeal to all ages as amusing or interesting, with 2 minute time-lapse painting videos making the experience interactive. The themes are especially suitable for aspiring artists and for any student who benefits from encouragement and help with establishing self confidence, with funny stories to entertain.

     Fred is the nickname that Natalie’s father called her. The oft-told story goes that one day when Natalie was three years old, she announced that her name was no longer Natalie, but Fred. No one knows why and Natalie has no recollection of this incident, but her father honored her wishes and never called her Natalie ever again, always Fred.

This oil painting of “Fred” (peeking behind the fire hydrant) was inspired by a black and white picture that her late father took when he was enrolled in a photography course. This was taken on Grissom Air Force base, where he was stationed (“Little Girl in a Tree” was also inspired by her father’s photographs, as he was taking a photography class at the time and Natalie was the focus of one of his student projects). Watch more art from the Fred book come to life:

Little Girl in a Tree

Classroom Scene

Childhood Summers” (“Goose Tag”)

Childhood Winters” (“Dare”)

Abstract” (“Creative Mind”)

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