“Autumn Cottage”

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“If Savannah, Georgia doesn’t bring this fantasy fall scene to mind, I understand. I thought of palm trees, sandy beaches, romantic Southern trees, and didn’t even know if the Deep South has a change of seasons. Well, they do. There are many trees that change color and drop leaves. It’s not as colorful as up North, but there’s definitely an autumn vibe.

Madrac Farms is only about fifteen minutes’ drive for me, and forty minutes from Savannah. If someone was looking for fall beauty right in Savannah, Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens offers Autumn Gardenfest. There are also family pumpkin patches with corn mazes, duck races, pick-your-own pumpkin off the vine, and other autumn fun, thirty minutes to two hours’ drive. Some offer farm events like steer roping, cow milking, pony rides, and a mini zoo with donkeys and llamas.

There are also fall plants and flowers on display. Because the weather is still mostly warm- or even hot- there are many opportunities to decorate homes, doors, steps, yards, and storefronts with autumn displays. When the weather does get a bit cool in the evening, many people opt for a real or artificial fireplace instead of turning their heat on. So, this fanciful autumn cabin picture isn’t as far off for Savannah as we’d think.

This was a pleasant surprise for me, as I’ve always enjoyed fall. Up North, it sometimes snowed for Halloween and it was miserable for the kids to go trick or treating. Here, it was cool one year, and the next it was warm, but it was not so cold that the children had to wear winter coats over their costumes. My kids would have loved that!

Now too old for trick or treating, they help make it fun for the little ones who come to our door, by dressing up in fun costumes. When my daughter dressed up as Belle, several little girls were in awe – a “real” princess! It is nice to see community involvement and neighbors sitting out in chairs to keep an eye on the children. Fine weather makes a difference! Many years, parents never got out of their cars as they drove their frozen children door to door. So, while some may be wistful for colder crisper air, I’m plenty fine living in a place where cheerful flowers are still blooming while the pumpkins are ripe.

Autumn Cabin oil painting by Natalie Buske Thomas

List of Oil Paintings in this Collection, linking to their pages here on the site, and also citing physical pages in the hardcover book:

  1. City of Savannah
    1.1 “City of Savannah” page 6-7
    1.2 “Natalie at the Fountain” page 8-11
    1.3 “House in Savannah” page 12-13
    1.4 “Guardian Lion” page 14-15
    1.5 “Autumn Angel” page 16-17
    1.6 “Steamship Savannah” page 18-19
    1.7 “Boiled Peanuts for Sale” page 20-21
    1.8 “Bulldog” page 22-23
    1.9 “Serenity Piano” page 24-25
    1.10 “Painting Colors” page 26-27
  2. Tybee Island
    2.1 “I Love Life” page 30-31
    2.2 “Living Sand Dollar” page 32-33
    2.3 “Matthew the Sea Turtle” page 34-35
    2.4 “Fungie the Dolphin” page36-37
    2.5 “Angel Releasing Dove” page 38-39
    2.6 “Flag on Tybee Island” page 40-41
    2.7 “My Kids at the Beach” page 42-43
    2.8 “Lighthouse near Tybee Island” page 44-45
  3. Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians
    3.1 “Gator and Snake” page 48-49
    3.2 “Tree Frog” page 50-51
    3.3 “Lizard” page 52-53
    3.4 “Blue Heron” page 54-55
    3.5 “Hummingbird” page 56-57
    3.6 “Painted Bunting” page 58-59
  4. Flowers and Trees
    4.1 “Pink Flower” page 62-63
    4.2 “Porch Flowers” page 64-65
    4.3 “Clover” page 66-67
    4.4 “Butterfly Tree Flowers” page 68-69
    4.5 “Savannah Tree” page 70-71
    4.6 “Dancer in a Floral Forest” page 72-73
    4.7 “Come to the Garden” page 74-77
    4.8 “Cherokee Rose” page 78-79
  5. Faith and Food
    5.1 “Floral Cross” page 82-83
    5.2 “Lenten Flower” page 84-85
    5.3 “Celtic Cross” page 86-87
    5.4 “Mary of God’s Favor” page 88-89
    5.5 “Lion and the Lamb” page 90-91
    5.6 “Breakfast with Friends” page 92-93
    5.7 “Peaches in a Bowl” page 94-95
    5.8 “Peach Cookies” page 96-97
    5.9 “Peach Pie” page 98-99
  6. Seasons and Weather
    6.1 “Pumpkins and Mums” page 102-103
    6.2 “Autumn Cottage” page 104-105
    6.3 “Spring Lambs” page 106-107
    6.4 “Peach Tree Hurricane” page 108-109
    6.5 “Eye of the Storm” page 110-111
    6.6 “God’s Promise” page 112-113
    6.7 “We Gather Together” page 114-115
    6.8 “Savannah Snow” page 116-117
    6.9 “I Believe in Santa” page 118-119

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