Early Spring!

Watch oil painting “Strawberry Flower” come alive in 2 minutes (time lapse)

We’re having an early spring here in Southern Georgia, USA. One of my strawberry plants already has a flower on it and a few strawberries! I was busy most of the day planting seeds and tending to other garden jobs. The sun was shining for about half of that time and it was easy to forget the troubles of this world. When things get to you, try planting something and watch it grow. I don’t know why it’s so therapeutic to do this, but it just is.

I ordered myself a couple of gardening T-shirts. I was laughing at all of the fun choices. I settled on “It’s not hoarding if it’s plants”. LOL! That’s what I’ve actually said before. And the other I chose is “I just want to work in my garden and hang out with my butterflies”. You might remember me blogging about something similar in post “I Joined the Butterflies”, so I just couldn’t resist that one! I also got two positive thinking shirts: “Faith over Fear” and “Do More of What Makes You Happy”. Then I was definitely at the end of my budget and had to stop! But, that’s my summer wardrobe sorted. I only needed a few T shirts for working outside. I’m good on dressy clothes, but those aren’t practical for digging in the dirt.

Leapin’ Lizards!

See oil painting “Lizard” come alive in 1 minute (time lapse)

It will get cold again, as it’s still winter season here in SE Georgia, but today was beautifully warm and spring like- which means that the lizards were out enjoying the sun. There were literally leaping lizards when I’d move a garden pot that they were squatting in. But what was fun (once I stopped being startled by the little guy’s sudden appearances) was the lizard friend who hung out with me on my potting table.

He lay sprawled out on the warm table top, watching what I was doing. When I moved where he couldn’t see me, he’d stand up on his back legs and pull himself over the edge of the table to peer over the top to see what I was up to. When I potted a plant he’d climb onto the bag of soil. When I set down my trowel, he’d get right into the scoop of it.

Next time I have a warm gardening day I’ll try to remember to film this little friend of mine interacting with me. Unfortunately it will be cold and dreary for the next stretch of days, so this little detour project of an indie reality show starring a color-changing lizard will have to wait. I won’t know if it’s the same lizard as today, but if he acts the same way, we’ll just pretend that he is.

Happy Friday everyone!

Mellow Fellow

See this oil painting of a sea turtle come alive in 30 seconds (time lapse)

This is Matthew, an animal rescue sea turtle that has since been released back into the ocean at Tybee Island, Georgia. When I met Matthew I fell in love with his big personality and had to paint him. Sharing this one again today because I feel that a lot of us are on edge and could use a mellow vibe from Matthew the sea turtle.

I’ve had to cut my thoughts or words off many times today. I’m easily fired up, riled up, and spouting off. I’m not argumentative with anyone personally, just chiming in with my own pile-on angry comments- in which nearly everyone in the chain of comments is in agreement. But we’re all agreeing with rage. That’s not a good energy to sustain. No matter how righteous the anger, anger takes a toll on us. So, it’s good to step back and be like Matthew.

I unplugged from the public sphere conversation and jumped onto a gardening site instead. I ordered the “Razzmatazz” grape vine I’ve had my eye on all winter. Our ship date for zone 8 is next week! Well, a bit longer than a week. Valentine’s day. So more like two weeks, but I want it to come sooner so I’ll round down to “next week”. To qualify for free shipping I added a jasmine plant. I was not displeased to have an excuse to tack something else on to my order. 🙂

I greatly look forward to spring planting! I always feel more hopeful when new life is growing. I can hardly wait for the flowers to bloom! Stay strong everyone, winter won’t last forever.