Easter Show 2022

HERE IT IS! Launching my new Easter Painting Show now, to give you time to share this special video with your family, friends, and social media. If you feel this show has value, please consider making a donation toward my future work. Every little bit helps, as I am self funded. Thank you, and I hope that you feel hopeful and encouraged after watching this.

New Painting Show is LIVE!

Hear my American story, photography slide show, live oil painting of new art “Americana”, and surprise variety show acts! Watch until the ending – there’s a big finish! Please share my special show with your family and friends.

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Watch the teaser for my next live painting show! Coming soon!

New Painting + Show!

Surprises, inspiration, and celebration!

My new painting is revealed, and the story behind it (told through captions and music). You’ll love my special guests, but not as much as I do!

I’m posting this show (the above video) with enough time for you to share it with your family and friends ahead of this glorious joyful Sunday. You may visit my Painting Shows page for past events.

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St. Patrick’s Day SHOW!

Click on the video above for St. Patrick’s Day goodness!

Live Painting and SURPRISES! 20 minutes of happy. You won’t be disappointed. Please share with your family and friends.

Christmas Show 2020

My Christmas Show is ready to watch!
Don’t you need a little Christmas right now?
(or a LOT?)
Please give yourself a short break for something full of surprises. I guarantee you’ll smile, & maybe laugh out loud… and feel encouraged too

Variety show with live painting and surprises, filmed for Christmas 2020. See other holiday painting shows HERE.