Art Class (Painting) Syllabus

Welcome to your Art class! This class focuses on oil painting, but the basic techniques for painting in general can help you with any other style of painting you choose. This course is taught through 12 lessons, recommended to complete on a schedule of one lesson per week. Each lesson contains a video and a printable lesson plan describing the material and citing the sources used. You may watch the videos without participating, of course, but you’ll get much more out of the class if you try the painting assignments in the lesson plans.

Legal Disclaimer

By taking this class, you agree to receive the course information “as is”. You will not sell it or modify any of the materials. You cannot legally hold me responsible for any injury or harm that you suffer as a result of your participation in this class. You accept all risks when you participate in this class and/or view or use the class materials.

As with all art programs, when using my course materials, you need to use common sense.  To reduce and avoid injury or damage that may result in allergic reactions to paint, spills and stains, and other undesirable outcomes, you will want to protect your floor, clothing, and know if you have any health issues concerning using paint.  By studying this material, you are exposing your home, property, and health at your own risk.  Natalie Buske Thomas will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of my art program, videos, or information shared on my website  This includes emails, videos, discussions and text.  Thank you for your understanding.

Class Schedule

You set your own schedule, but it is recommended that you complete all material in each lesson within a week’s time.


This course includes:

  • 12 lesson videos + 2 bonus videos = 14 videos total
  • 12 lesson plans you may view online, download, or print
  • For students who plan to paint, the list of recommended items is in your class information document. I do not suggest or endorse specific brands or stores, but I’ve provided you with enough information to make your own decisions.


  • Learn or refresh your current knowledge of color, shading, composition, how to plan projects, and other basic skills.
  • Develop a new perspective for seeing art as a language, and learn how to communicate your emotions through the movement of your brush and the color of your paints.
  • Be inspired to create more art and feel excited about committing time to your projects.
  • Learn tips and strategies to enjoy a lifestyle that includes regular painting sessions as a lifelong source of spiritual retreat, mental sharpness, and joy to share with others.

Learn at your own pace. Relax and have fun. Be joyful, be free!

Be inspired to paint!

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