See this oil painting of a wolf come alive in 1 minute (time lapse video)

Well, there must have been a bad moon a’rising because today was a horrible day. The close on our house was cancelled, and then thankfully rescheduled, but it has caused a big mess- the moving pods and truck had to be rescheduled, the clothes and kitchen stuff that was packed needed to be unpacked, and so much more. Now the truck and the POD will be at the house at the same time and there is only room for one in the driveway. We will have to walk much farther with heavy oversized things. All of the careful planning to ensure a smooth and safe move has been destroyed.

It has been an extremely stressful and emotional day. It does not look like the next few days will be any better. I cannot wait for this to be over.

Packing Up

Watch this wolf oil painting come alive in just over 1 minute (time lapse)

I spent several hours today packing up my art in preparation for our unexpected move. You can probably recognize ones I’ve shared with you (in the photo below), especially the wolf painting at the bottom because you’ve just seen it again in the video on today’s blog.

These are various sizes of canvas, and all are small enough to pack inside storage/moving bags, bins, boxes, etc. But my largest paintings are still on the wall because I don’t have anywhere to put them right now. My plan is to pack them in mattress moving bags, as there is nothing else we have that is large enough to protect the biggest ones. Since I don’t want to step around large mattress bags while I’m still packing up other things, I’ll just leave those last two paintings on the wall until closer to moving time. But other than those, I’ll be done packing up my many, many paintings! WHEW!

In case you were wondering why I don’t sell these, it’s because I’m saving them for art shows and exhibits. I’d landed a solo month-long art show in Ireland, moved there, and then had to return to the United States before my show date because I couldn’t get my visa extended. Ever since, I’ve been determined to get my solo art show at the right time and right place.

Meanwhile, I’ve painted probably over a hundred and fifty additional paintings since Ireland in 2016, so my show will be much bigger when I finally have one! Until then, my paintings are a bit stressful to figure out how to store and now move them yet again. I’m very relieved to be nearly done with packing my art!

It was a productive day. I also did my second-to-last taping for the Easter show. I’m still on schedule to finish the show on time. It’s getting down to the wire though, and hard to focus when so much is going on.

We still don’t know where we’re going, only that we have to be out of here by May 31. Today was one step closer, as the lender said that she is working on our loan application. We might get our pre-approval tomorrow and finally have the green light to go house hunting- and we better hunt FAST!

Preview! Sneak Peek

On set for Vlog Premiere of “Inspired by Natalie” Show 1

Whoa! Isn’t this cool? Here’s a sneak peek of my new show- just a still shot though, the video would be too big of a spoiler! That’s one of my painting videos (my wolf oil painting) running via green screen technology behind me, while I’m standing in front of the green screen.

I have a few bugs to work out. I’m thinking I should use a different backdrop (right side of photo) other than the one I have now that has text on it. A plain solid background would be better. Also, I’m using a free trial of video editing software and it has a watermark across it. I’ll need to purchase the pro version. I have a few other tweaks to make, but then I’m ready to launch! Below is the video I am referencing in the vlog show sample:

See this oil painting of a wolf come alive in 1 minute (time lapse)

It’s one of my painting-on-black-canvas projects. I plan to talk about the stories behind my paintings, techniques, and turn some of my older blog posts into vlog episodes. The show will be a fast moving format geared toward short attention spans (like my own, 🙂 ) and entertainment, rather than a legacy media format that honestly isn’t likely to be viewed. I’m hoping to film at least one new episode a week. When I’m feeling ambitious I can film more often. When I’m too busy with painting projects, less often. I’ll need flexibility to make this work.

It’s still a work in progress, but I aim to have something to show you by the end of the week! Maybe even tomorrow if all goes well.

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